Welcome to Wood and Sons, Inc.

Our family has been in the horse industry for 30 years, we take pride in owning some amazing horses and raising the best foals you can find.  Stop by so we can show you around, we think you will agree, we can help you find your next favorite horse!


Our Horses….check back as we continue to add pictures throughout the spring! 

He Iza Stylin Kid - 2013 Buckskin Stallion.  Out of Kids Classic Style X She Iza Belle.  AQHA papers.  N/N

Sheza Fancy Senorita - 2013 Black Mare.  Out of Self Employed X Stylin Senorita.  AQHA papers.  N/H

My Intense Package - 2013 Sorrel Mare.  Out of My Intention X A LIttle Package.  AQHA papers.  N/N

Josieszobviousnstyle - 2010 Buckskin Mare.  Out of Bodacious Cool Kid X RS Lady Jay.  AQHA / IBHA papers. 2-Time IBHA World Champion Mare.  N/H

Fe All American Girl - 2010 Palomino Mare. Out of RH Stars and Stripes X RH Yella Miss. AQHA/APHA/PHBA
papers.  N/N

Kid Boquet - 2009 Sorrel Mare.  Out of Kid Clu X MBJ Tardy Playgirl.  AQHA papers.  N/H

Ethels Got Pizzaz - 2008 Palomino Mare.  Out of Invest In My Pizzaz X She Invested In Gold. AQHA papers. N/H

A Little Package - 2005 Sorrel Mare.  Out of The Package X Alittle Too Soon.  AQHA papers.  N/N  Bred to My Intention for a 2014 Foal.

DH Annies Last – 2004 Palomino Mare.  Out of Solid Gold Kid X Miss Royal Hit.  AQHA papers.  N/N  Bred to Kid Coolsified for a 2014 Foal.

GQ Party Girl – 2002 Sorrel Mare.  Out of Mister GQ X Miss My Party.  AQHA papers.  N/H  

Buckleys Glamour Gal – 2000 Palomino Mare.  Out of CL Buckley X Scarlet Jota.  AQHA/PHBA papers.  N/H

RH Teasin N Pleasin – 2000 Paint Mare.  Out of Socketts Imprint X RH Squeezin N Tesin.  APHA papers.  N/N
Show Record: 349 Halter Points!  Bred to Lets Talk Profit for a 2014 Foal.



CL Lady Brittney - 2004 Palomino Mare.  Out of CL Legacy X CL Lady Buffy.  AQHA/PHBA papers.  N/H SOLD

Westerns Big Guns - 2013 Sorrel Stallion.  Out of Western Gunslinger X Acqui Bella.  AQHA papers.  N/H SOLD

She Iza Belle - 1999 Sorrel Mare.  Out of Wimpy Sox Four X Barons Boston Belle. AQHA papers.

Sierafied - 2006 Sorrel Mare.  Out of Kid Clusified X Casino Sierra.  AQHA papers.  N/N

Classics Lasts Forever - 2006 Palomino Mare.  Out of Kids Classic Style X Sheza Long Last.  AQHA/PHBA papers.   N/N
Show Record:  Palomino World Champion.

Bigtime Style - 2009 Buckskin and White Stallion.  Out of Kids Classic Style X Our Cover Girl. APHA/PtHA papers  SOLD

The Remarkable Miss - 2005 Paint Mare. Out of The Remarkable Mr X Farms Jack Frost.  APHA papers
Show Record:  7 Halter Points, limited showing.  SOLD

TB Dancin Dress - 2001 Paint Mare.  Out of Hot Opposition X Artistic Impreshur.  APHA papers.  SOLD

ClassicalIntimidator - 2012 sorrel Stallion.  Out of Kids Classic Style X Cl Lady Brittney.  AQHA papers.  N/H  SOLD

Kids Classic Bonita - 2012 Bay Mare.  Out of Kids Classic Style X RJR Classical Bonita.  AQHA papers.  N/H  SOLD

Mr Classic Pizzaz - 2012 Buckskin Stallion.  Out of Kids Classic Style X Ethels Got Pizzaz.  AQHA papers.  N/N  SOLD

Talking Profit Honey - 2012 Black Mare.  Our of Lets Talk Profit X Obviously Wild Honey.  AQHA papers.  N/N  SOLD

Awesome Razey Go Go – 2009 Paint Mare. Out of Awesome Imprint X Ima Go Go Girl. APHA papers. SOLD

RJR Classical Bonita – 2006 Palomino Mare. Out of A Classical Skipper X Bodacious Bonnie. AQHA papers. N/H SOLD

Te Rose – 2006 Black Mare. Our of Sundance Style X Cool Conceita Te. AQHA papers. N/N SOLD

Sweetes Good Assett2004 Black Mare. Out of Good Subsidy X Te Two Sweet. AQHA papers.
Show Record: 251.5 Total Halter and Showmanship Points. She is a showmanship machine! SOLD

Flawless Touchdown – 2001 Chestnut Mare. Out of Touchdown Kid X Flawless Edition. AQHA papers. N/H SOLD

Kids Last Trophy – 2001 Sorrel Mare. Out of Kid Clu X Tardee Trophy. AQHA papers. N/H SOLD

LR Bringdownthehouse – 2001 Sorrel Gelding. Out of Stylish Seeker X In House Review. AQHA papers. N/N SOLD

Miss Fancy Five Star – 2001 Palomino Mare. Out of Five Star Mister X Miss Fancy Coosa. AQHA papers. N/H SOLD

She Rings My Bell – 2001 Gray Mare. Out of Art Of Gold X Muffin Macnasty. AQHA papers. SOLD

Call Girl Attraction - 2000 Paint Mare. Out of Major Attraction X Reds Call Girl. APHA papers. SOLD

Watusis Last Dance – 1997 Sorrel Mare.  Out of Art of Gold X RlLady Hall.  AQHA papers.   SOLD

Bell Of The Ball – 1996 Breeding Stock Mare.  Out of Red Sonny Dee X Carabella.  APHA papers.   SOLD

Best Not Skip Me – 1996 Sorrel Mare.  Out of Ima Cool Skip X Ima Best.  AQHA papers.   SOLD

Dee Chocolate Sundee – 1995 Sorrel Mare.  Out of Red Sonny Dee X Sundee Bar.  AQHA papers.   SOLD

Lady In Red Satin – 1995 Sorrel Mare.  Out of Red Sonny Dee X Sonny Satin Lady.  AQHA papers.  SOLD

Sonnys Dun In Red – 1995 Breeding Stock Mare.  Out of Red Sonny Dee X Buck Dun Good.  APHA papers.   SOLD

Fleet Securitee – 1993 Paint Mare.  Out of Sonnys Securitee X Frosty Mink.  APHA papers.  SOLD


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